Monday, 16 March 2015

It's better to 'detonate' than 'renovate'

An old website is like a house that's seen better days – the roof leaks, the lights flicker, the paint's pealing, and the plumbing keeps clogging up.

As most property developers will tell you, it's usually cheaper to 'detonate' than 'renovate'.


That was the situation with Penguin Management's original website. Penguin provides accounting and administration services to overseas organisations with Australian branch offices and subsidiaries, as well as Australian SMEs and NFPs.


When Penguin CEO Stefanie Lowe asked Good Publicity to appraise the website, a check of the CMS (content management system) revealed that the site was well past its 'Best Before' date: the page editor lacked essential tools, and the Home page used an off-the-shelf design template with basic shortcomings that couldn't be changed.


Consultation with Penguin's contracted web designer, SnehWebTech, confirmed that 'detonate' was the preferred option. A new site map (page rundown) was compiled with detailed instructions to the web designer, and the construction stage was monitored to ensure the website met the client's expectations. The existing text was edited and uploaded, together with new graphic images sourced from an online image library.


The new Penguin Management website went 'live' just before Christmas, and after some fine-tuning during the summer break it now showcases Penguin Management to international and local visitors 24/365!


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