English is said to be one of the world's most complex languages. With many rules and exceptions it's difficult to learn as a first language, let alone a second!


The first rule in corporate communications is "keep it simple". Long-winded sentences and trendy words and expressions should be avoided as much as possible.


Check your English grammar, spelling and punctuation skills in this quick test - watch out for the trick 'mistakes'!



Our dogs in trouble, its buried its bone in mums garden again


Why cant i ride my bike on the road i asked dad


We go to school monday through friday excepting if its a public holiday or school holidays


I done my home work fast today


I usualy have too sandwichs and a apple at lunch time


Dad and me went to the circus on saturday, we had a great time


My friend says angry birds are the best ipad game and im like no it isnt minecraft is way cooler


At the 2000 olympics in sydney Australia would win its most number of gold medals than its ever done before


Theres less cars in the car park today than their was yesterday


You did very good in this test, english is hard to get right



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