Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fashion at Monica's fingertips!

Men tend to think of fingernails as annoying appendages that have to be trimmed every few weeks - but to women they're an integral part of their appearance.


And when fashion models and celebrities want the latest look for their nails, they go to Monica Ropiha.


Monica is a celebrity manicurist with a clientele that's a veritable Who's Who of the fashion and entertainment industries. From intricate designs to way-out 3-Ds made from materials you'd never dream of seeing on a fingertip, she has it, er ... nailed!


Now Monica has a new website to showcase her talents, www.monicaropiha.com.au. It was built by Webfrog Studios, with copy provided by Good Publicity. Check it out whether you're into fashion, or just curious about the amazing world of nail design.


Even if you're a bloke!