The moment of truth!


INCORRECT: Our dogs in trouble, its buried its bone in mums garden again
CORRECT: Our dog's in trouble because it buried its bone in Mum's garden again.
INCORRECT: Why cant i ride my bike on the road i asked dad
CORRECT: "Why can’t I ride my bike on the road?" I asked Dad.
INCORRECT: We go to school monday through friday excepting if its a public holiday or school holidays
CORRECT: We attend school from Monday to Friday, except for public and school holidays.
INCORRECT: I done my home work fast today
CORRECT: I finished my homework quickly today.
INCORRECT: I usualy have too sandwichs and a apple at lunch time
CORRECT: I usually eat two sandwiches and an apple for lunch.
INCORRECT: Dad and me went to the circus on saturday, we had a great time
CORRECT: Dad and I went to the circus on Saturday, and we had a great time.
INCORRECT: My friend says angry birds are the best ipad game and im like no it isnt minecraft is way cooler
CORRECT: My friend said that Angry Birds was the best iPad game, but I argued that Minecraft was much better.
INCORRECT: At the 2000 olympics in sydney Australia would win its most number of medals than its ever done before
CORRECT: The Australian Olympic Team scored its highest medal tally at the Sydney 2000 Games.
INCORRECT: There's less cars in the car park today than their was yesterday
CORRECT: There are fewer cars in the carpark today than yesterday.
INCORRECT: You did very good in this test, english is hard to get right
CORRECT: You completed this test well, even though English grammar is difficult.



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(Thanks to Dean Jacobson, 10, and David Jacobson, 8, for their assistance in compiling this English grammar test.)