Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why 'word-of-mouth' isn't enough

Word-of-mouth marketing is the business equivalent of can-to-can communication! Word-of-mouth marketing is the business equivalent of can-to-can communication!

I'd like a dollar for every prospective client who said, “I don’t need a website or publicity. I get business by word-of-mouth.”.

It would be enough to buy my kids every gadget they’ve ever pestered me about!


Word-of-mouth is fine as far as it goes – which isn’t very far. Here’s why:

  1. Of all your potential customers, only a small fraction of them would know one of your current or past customers.
  2. Even if all of your current and past customers were happy to recommend you (be honest!), many of them would say something like, “Yeah, they’re worth a call” and leave it at that.

So not only does word-of-mouth miss the vast majority of your potential customers, but your existing customers are liable to sell you short.


Since word-of-mouth isn’t good enough any more, the most cost-effective way to get your message across to potential customers is a website. It’s affordable, easy to update, and accessible worldwide 24/365.


(Social media is no substitute for a website – click here to find out why.)


Your Internet ‘shop window’ needs to be as professional as your business. If your website is amateurish, visitors are liable to think that your business is too.


I can have a professionally custom-designed, mobile-friendly website built for you, including the initial content, for less than $A2000. Click here for details.


Contact me to find out more about how I can help you to reach more customers than word-of-mouth can ever achieve.