WEBSITE MANAGEMENT: Don't let updates get you down!

If updating your website makes you feel like this, let Good Publicity take care of everything - for as little as $12* + GST!



If your website is gathering dust because updating the content drives you crazy, there’s an easy and affordable solution: leave everything to Good Publicity!


With Good Publicity looking after your website updates, content will be added, deleted and edited professionally and promptly instead of when you find the time to do it.


For as little as $12* + GST.


Here's how it works:

  • You email or text message me the details of what you want updated.
  • I quote a price and completion time estimate.
  • After you accept the quote, I prepare the update and email you any new or edited text/images for approval or revisions.
  • After you approve the update material, I upload it to your website.

Most updates are completed within 24 hours of your go-ahead; minor ones often within an hour or two. If you have an urgent job, then the Priority option can put you at the head of the queue (see Terms and Conditions, below).


You’ll also receive free advice on how to make your website more effective!


Choose from:

1.    Pay As You Go – $15 per 15-minute update session or part thereof.
2.    12.5% Bonus Saver Plan – $135 worth of updates for $120/month (9 x 15-minute update sessions or parts thereof).
3.    25% Bonus Saver Plan – $300 worth of updates for $240/month (20 x 15-minute update sessions or parts thereof).
4.    Priority Service – 25% surcharge.

See Terms & Conditions, below.


Or you can have a website management plan tailored to your business.


Contact Good Publicity to discuss your website management requirements.


Good Publicity is located in Guildford, six kilometres south of Parramatta in the heart of Greater Sydney, NSW. No matter what industry you're in, or where you are in Australia or overseas, you can be assured of prompt, professional and affordable service.


* based on 12-month 25% Bonus Saver Plan (see above).




WEBSITES (NEW & UPGRADES): Your 'shop window' to the world!


WEBSITE CONTENT: Win the 10-Second Challenge!


HOW A WEBSITE IS BUILT - The Good Publicity way!



1. Websites must have a commonly used platform and content management system (eg. WordPress, Joomla! or similar) with user editor access. 2. Design revisions are confined to the content management system page editor. 3. Each assignment comprises all of the instructions in a single email or text message. 4. Text that is newly written and/or edited by Good Publicity will be submitted for approval by the client before it is uploaded. 5. ‘Priority Service' is subject to confirmation by Good Publicity. 6. Unused time at the end of a month is forfeited (ie. it isn’t carried forward to the next month). 7. Prices exclude GST and any third party content (eg. photos, graphic images). 8. An invoice with a summary of services provided is issued at the end of each month. 9. Payment terms are nett prompt. 10. A 12-month 12.5% Bonus Saver Plan can be upgraded to a 25% Bonus Saver Plan without a waiting period, and a 12-month 25% Bonus Saver Plan can be downgraded to a 12-month 12.5% Bonus Saver Plan after it expiries or three months, whichever comes first.