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A website is like a free magazine at a worldwide online newsagent - with millions of other free magazines!


The similarities are uncanny. A search engine (eg. Google, Yahoo!) is like a massive display rack, with the magazines arranged in ever-changing categories according to each search enquiry. People visit the first website that grabs their attention, usually from the first page of their search enquiry results, and try to find the information they want.


If they find what they're looking for quickly and easily, then they stay. If not, they put the website back on the 'rack' and try another one.


It all happens in a few seconds, so it's crucial that your website not only looks attractive, but also has the information where visitors expect to find it, in an easy-to-understand form.



The most successful corporate websites are like online magazines, not advertising brochures. Of course they have marketing information about the company's products or services, but they also have interesting editorial content to convert casual visitors into customers.


The content pages establish the website owner's credentials (eg. corporate or professional history, and relevant qualifications and experience), and provide news, consumer advice, etc.


Just as a magazine needs an editor to plan the contents, edit the articles and supervise the design and production, a website needs an editor to ensure that the information is what visitors want, where they can find it easily, and easy to read.


Magazine editors are generally senior journalists with project management skills, yet many websites are entrusted entirely to web developers, who typically are IT specialists with graphic design skills but no significant publication editing experience.


A web developer is necessary to build a professional website, but isn't necessarily the best person to manage it.


With 30+ years' media and marketing experience, I can ensure that your website has the right content where visitors can find it easily.


Whether you want a new website or your existing one upgraded, contact me to discuss your requirements.


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