MEDIA PUBLICITY: Don't just advertise - publicise!

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People want news, not advertising.


Advertising has a crediblity problem: everyone knows that it's biased. On the other hand, people are inclined to believe media 'editorial'. That includes news, current affairs, interviews, lifestyle features – everything that isn't advertising.


In fact, many news and current affairs reports actually come from press releases. Think about it when you watch TV, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper, magazine or website. If an organisation or professional stands to benefit from the publicity, then it probably didn't happen by accident!


But many press releases don't get media coverage because they're amateurish or read like advertising. When I worked in the media I binned plenty of them!


A press release must be structured like a regular media article, and written in a style that grabs the reader's attention right from the opening paragraph.


It takes a combination of skills to write an attention-grabbing commercial press release. I have those skills, gained from broad experience in the media, corporate communications and marketing.


A Good Publicity press release costs as little as $A300, including email distribution to the media and uploading to your website (see Terms & Conditions, below).


So when you have news to tell your customers, don’t just advertise it – publicise it!


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1. A standard Good Publicity press release comprises up to 250 words. A longer press release may cost more than the standard fee.  2. Reference information and/or sources are to be provided by the client. 3. The clients may provide copyright-free digital photographs and/or graphic illustrations, up to a total maximum of 5mb, for distribution with the press release.  4. Distribution is by email to up to 10 media outlets nominated by the client. Distribution to additional media outlets may incur an additional fee for the first press release only.  5. The client must approve, or return with revisions, news release drafts within a specified deadline. If the client's failure to return a draft within the deadline causes distribution of a news release to be delayed beyond a agreed distribution deadline, then the full fee may be charged irrespective of whether the news release is used by the media.  6. Payment terms are nett prompt on receipt of invoice.  7. Prices are in Australian dollars, and exclude GST.