As a website owner, having your site rank at or near the top of search engine results is the holy grail. After all, the highest ranking websites generally get the most most visits.


But search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t as easy as it used to be. Search engines don't rank websites according to the number of keywords in the text any more. That went by the board after clever people started packing the text on their websites with keywords.


The sites that topped the rankings hardly made any sense at all!


Today’s search engines are programmed not to fall for keyword cramming or other get-ranked-high scams. Search results now rank websites by their popularity as well as relevance to the keywords.


Your website’s position on the list is affected by its numbers of visitors, visits and page views, and their average visit duration compared to your competitors’ websites. (Search engines have access to data on every visit to every page of every website, including how long each visit lasts.)


The best way to move your website up the search rankings is to make it more popular than your competitors’ websites.


It’s no different from shopping at your local mall. If people can find what they’re looking easily and quickly on your website, then they’ll probably stay for a while and return the next time they’re looking for something similar.


They’ll spread the word among their friends too.


On the other hand, if your website is built like a rabbit burrow and filled with verbiage, then it’s likely to send visitors fleeing to your nearest competitor.


To make your website attract visitors, not turn them away, there’s no substitute for professional copywriting and editing. The text must be informative, entertaining and error-free without wasting a single word.


Font selection, page layout and site mapping (the website structure) are all important. Each one can make the difference between a visitor staying or leaving.


Don’t assume that your website’s designer has these skills, though. A web designer is the Internet equivalent of a printer/graphic artist, not an editor.


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